Happy Birthday to a Great Boss

Happy Birthday to a Great Boss;
Much too busy to gather moss;
Had a birthday but it was marred;
Her crew forgot her birthday card.

So here it is - we’ll say it well.
Our Boss is well – just downright SWELL.
We know because we’ve had some jerks.
Who didn’t even know LMOS from TIRKS.

We do our best because we know
She depends on us to bring in the show.
We did it with a great big bang
And after that the Fat Lady sang.

So, Leigh, I’ll say this much is true,
Our favorite Boss, this month, is You.
We are, after all, a fickle crowd.
But this is true – we’ll say it loud.

Leigh is the Greatest Boss, we realize.
We know she will not tell us lies.
She is up front - battle or bliss.
And we know, always, on what side she is.

Leigh, this birthday wish, although it’s late,
Is said with love – just back up the date.
It is said you can’t have every thing.
So on that note, don’t expect us to sing.

Julie Riffe